Flight Nanny Delivery

A Flight Nanny is just that - a personal nanny that accompanies your puppy on their flight delivery to you (in the 48 contiguous United States).

We find it to be the safest and most enjoyable way to travel with a puppy long distances.

When we offer to “nanny” your puppy to you, that means we - typically my husband - will bring your puppy with us and in to the cabin of the plane with your puppy right by our side.

Your puppy is carried in a cute, safe, flight approved pet carrier with mesh windows and room to turn around and stretch at any given time.

If it is a longer flight, the puppy is taken out of their carrier at every available opportunity to potty and have some play time!

Once we arrive at our destination, we hand deliver your puppy to you at your nearest Southwest Airline airport.

To reiterate, we never leave the puppy’s side and at no point will the puppy ever leave ours.

With the exception of very rare circumstances, we no longer require an additional fee for our flight nanny service.

In event an additional fee is required for the flight nanny option, we will verify and notify you prior to accepting your security deposit so you can make a fully informed decision.

A good rule of thumb is: the sooner a deposit is placed, the sooner we can schedule and reserve a flight to hand deliver your new puppy!

PS - If you think it is stressful, Monte (English Bulldog) was waiting on his connection flight and appears to think otherwise 😊

*We work with you